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About Ajay Solar

Ever since ​Ajay Industrial Corporation Limited​’s foundation in 1961, we have been working tirelessly towards providing world-class water management solutions to individuals and corporate houses. It’s our hardwork and commitment to offer high-quality products that made us the first company to receive ​ISO 9001-2008 Certification from Indian government in handpump segment.

We have received countless awards and certifications at national and international level over the last five decades. The one thing that contributed most in it was our willingness to help people live a healthy life. To take our services to the next level, we have decided to expand our offerings in the form of solar energy solutions. The pace at which the pollution level is increasing in tier 1 and tier 2 cities is quite alarming and will spoil every chance of a brighter future if the situation isn’t controlled soon. Even though the government is bringing new amendments every now and then to combat this problem, nothing seems to be working fine. As a developing country, we need to take the responsibility on our own shoulders and try to resolve the problem at earliest to give a better future to the next generation.

Before arriving at a conclusion by using random solutions, there is a great need to reverse-engineer the entire problem and figure out its root cause. Once you do it, you’ll know that excessive use of harmful by-products and toxic gases released into environment everyday play a vital role in the rising population level. Unless these gases and by-products are controlled, it’s almost impossible to improve the situation. That’s where solar energy comes into the picture and gives us a ray of hope to fight growing pollution level. In most of the stats, the government powered electricity grids, and power stations use traditional sources, such as harmful fossil fuels to generate electricity. Given the fact that they damage the environment in the worst possible manner, at some point, our government, as well as the society, will have to look beyond them and figure out a better substitute. Solar energy can be that alternative which can allow us to live a healthy and disease-free life.

At Ajay Industrial Corporation Limited​, we try our best to put the latest technology to good use by producing solar powered products and making them available to everyone across the country. Our goal is to make sure that people can use these products to bring down the overall cost of the electricity consumed on a day-to-day basis, and at the same time don’t spoil the environment directly or indirectly. Some of our primary products include solar street lights, solar water heaters, solar cooling systems, solar pumping systems, deep cycle batteries, solar inverters, solar UPS, solar charge controllers, solar panels, solar home kits, solar accessories, etc.

        With time, we are continually upgrading our offerings just to ensure that none of our clients have to face any problem while shifting from traditional energy sources to solar for their home and business premises.

Ajay Industrial Corporation Limited has taken up the mission to put India on the front line along with other developed nations whose primary focus is to fulfill a large part of their annual energy requirements using the solar power. Going forward, we will keep introducing new and world-class products that can take this mission further. All of our solar products are good enough to meet end to end energy requirements of both residential buildings as well as commercial premises. Take a close look at our offerings and be a part of this mission.

Our mission is to serve the nation to the best our abilities by providing world-class energy management solutions to individuals and corporate houses and become the number one solar energy solution provider in India in next five years. Our vision is to make sure that our energy management solutions can inspire every Indian to use solar energy solutions at their homes and commercial premises and minimise the pollution level in the coming years.

Right from our inception until today, ​Ajay Industrial Corporation Limited ​has always tried to stay true to its promises. We understand your requirements and manufacture top-notch products that can live up to your expectations. So, don’t have to worry about the product quality. Give us a try and you will never have to look for any alternative again.