Solar Panels

Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light

Say goodbye to darkness in the evening and costly electricity bills. Our solar-powered LED lighting solutions harness the sun’s energy to provide high-quality illumination for indoor and outdoor applications. This breakthrough technology delivers a convenient, sustainable way to light your space with minimal investment and maintenance.

Model Lamp Battery Lighting time Installation height Packing Life time
5W/40W 15W LED 3.2V/50AH 4+X 4-5M 515*260*245mm 4 lamps with battery 690*360*120mm 4 solar panels 3kg/pc 25 Years
5W/60W 30W LED 3.2V/50AH 4+X 5-7M 600*240*280mm 4 lamps with battery 690*623*140mm 4 solar panels 5kg/pc 25 Years
5W/60W 30W LED 3.2V/80AH 4+X 6M 650*150*700mm 3 solar panels with battery 793*190*330mm 1 Lamp with battery 16kg/pc 25 Years
5W/80W 40W LED 3.2V/120AH 4+X 8-12M 856*690*140mm 4 solar panels with battery 730*190*330mm 1 Lamp with battery 19kg/pc 25 Years
5W/60W NICIA LED 18W 3.2V/60AH Whole night light 5M 430*330*300mm 16kg/pc 25 Years
5W/35W JAPAN NICIA LED 15W 3.2V/45AH Whole night light 4-5M 795*165*410mm 2pcs/Carton 11.5kg/Carton 25 Years
5W/25W NICIA SMD 10W 3.2V/25AH Whole night light 4-5M 593*238*370mm 2 Panels and arms 208*208*237mm 1 Lamp 6.5kg/pc 25 Years

Solar Integrated Lights

Solar Apple Lights

Its is widely user in city of slow lane.narrow lane. residential areas, scenic spots, parks squares, private garden, garden corridor.

Solar Flat Lights

The solar modules made of polycrystalline silicon are known as polycrystalline solar modules.